Case Studies

Business Intelligence and News Company

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A business intelligence and news company was implementing Peoplesoft 9.0 for their Human Capital Management function (HCM). J2 was brought into project and program the initiative which included not just HCM, but also Taleo Talent Management, the building of an HR self-serve portal, outsourcing of its benefits and compensation management. All these various systems had to be seamlessly integrated. J2 Solutions also worked with the various HR departments to ensure adoption and assist in creating new HR procedures and operations to meet the goals of the organization.

Key Challenges

  • Needed to manage expectations with recommendations and best practices from the third-party HR specialist.
  • Ensure business analytics synced to technology requirements.
  • Adapt management style to fit various personalities within the project.
  • Create requirements and get a consensus amongst various department agendas.
  • Keep company leadership focused on project goals to avoid scope creep and competing initiatives.
  • Managed competing third-party vendors.


  • Brought various departments to a consensus and ensured the project complied with current and future needs of the organization.
  • Implemented Peoplesoft 9.0 to comply with industry best practices while archiving vast amounts of data in case future access is required.
  • Stress tested with large volumes of data to ensure the system is robust.
  • Integrated Peoplesoft with the finance department.

From The Customer

“J2 was extremely proficient at managing a wide variety of personalities on the project. The project manager in charge of the project was able to morph his personality when the situation required.”