Our Team

The J2 team have spent their careers working in major international consulting firms. From this vantage point, they developed a keen understanding of the diverse staffing needs companies face as they grow, evolve, and compete.

Consequently, all members of the J2 staff are well grounded in day-to-day business operations and have real-world understanding of the issues facing organizations. Your J2 staff will have hands-on experience in your industry and be ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Culture is a vital component to what makes J2 Solutions stand out. To emphasize how important our culture is to us, we live by these five core values:

core values


Team: We strive to contribute and support each other in order to achieve more.

Dedication:  We passionately own what we do, and we have fun doing it!

Empathy: We actively listen and value other’s perspective.

Respect:  We give it to earn it- every day!

Growth: We challenge ourselves to become better, and leave people better than yesterday.


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