The CEO of a regional bank routinely communicates to his employees through recorded town hall meetings and encourages his employees to respond through an internal blog hosted on SharePoint. The client required a communications platform that would organize the correspondences for future reference.

J2 Solutions was brought in to gather and prioritize requirements from each department that accurately reflected the overall scope of the project and ensure that the intranet was deployed on time and on budget.

J2 saw an opportunity to expand the scope of the project to build an Intranet to store company policies to give employees easy access to documents such as vacation and benefit forms.

Key Challenges

  • During the requirements phase, it became clear that the staff of the bank would need to focus on the task at hand.
  • The risk being that the increase in scope and features would add time and cost to the project.
  • Needed to focus on the “must-haves” while building the foundation to incorporate the “wants”.


  • J2 maximized the power of the current SharePoint environment and organized internal communications.
  • J2 gave the bank the ability to use SharePoint to host internal documents such as vacation and benefit forms.

From The Customer

“J2 takes ownership and invests the time needed to understand the needs of our bank. Because of this, ramp up time was extremely fast since J2 knew the business, the organization, and the culture before starting the project.”

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