A leading regional hospital manually inputs all business intelligence data into various tools making planning and budgeting difficult and tedious for the organization. The hospital had installed Hyperion Planning but was not using the software to its fullest extent.
J2 needed to assess the current process used for budgeting and planning in order to create requirements that would enable enterprise wide automation.
Once Hyperion was installed and operating at full capacity, J2 needed to create the support and capabilities the hospital would need for future growth.

Key Challenges

  • The data was in various applications, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access making it difficult to organize.
  • Bring enterprise wide automation for planning and budgeting throughout the organization.
  • Needed to establish processes and procedures that would enable future growth.


  • Delivered a resource with an expertise in Hyperion Planning cubes which were scarce.
  • Migrated the business analytics from various applications to the Hyperion platform and automated applications to provide accurate budgeting and planning forecasts.
  • J2 needed to provide a second Hyperion expert and rapidly bring him up to speed and facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Got 100% adoption of the new budgeting system from the hospital staff.
  • Created a Hyperion knowledge base of three experts the business can use for maintenance to develop applications to sustain future growth.

From The Customer

“If it wasn’t for company protocol, the hospital would never have to interview a candidate based on J2’s recommendations, because they trust J2 implicitly.
J2’s principles understand the customer’s need and if the person isn’t perfect for the job, they make it right.”

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