A national travel management company is rapidly increasing the number of employees and business units causing wide variation of business processes, culture, and direction among the separate business units.
The growth has strained the current ERP system due to process inefficiencies among the various business units.

J2 Solutions was brought in to assess the culture differences among the various business units, analyze the inconsistencies in their workflows, coalesce each unit and install one standard operating procedure throughout the enterprise.

The result of the analysis and restructuring has allowed the client to streamline processes and automate existing procedures using consistent ERP systems.

Key Challenges

  • No cohesive company culture within the business units
  • No documentation or outlines of any kind describing how various business functions such as marketing and operations should be implemented.
  • Needed to clone the procedures of the main corporate entity so each business unit had a unified language and standard operating procedures.


  • Standardized processes across a variety of different business units to enable SAP implementation across the enterprise.
  • Delivered a blueprint for SAP future state implementation.
  • Provided recommendations on SAP implementation standardizations.

From The Customer

“J2 Solutions wasn’t just a vendor, they were business partners. They were a very good resource to connect to what else was happening in the area.
Even when the travel company wasn’t engaged in a working relationship with J2, the principals communicated their experiences in other industries and events.
The vacation company has since hired J2 for follow up projects mainly because of the strong relationship they built and their deep understanding of the business.”

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