“The principals of J2 weren’t just vendors, they were business partners. They were a very good resource to connect to what else was happening in the area. Even when we weren’t engaged in a working relationship with J2, the principals communicated their experiences in other industries and events. We have since hired J2 for follow up projects mainly because of the strong relationship they built and their deep understanding of the business”

Vice President, Information Technology

National Travel Management Company

“We went down the consulting road before with varying degrees of success. However the value-added that J2 provides is that they took ownership of the project. J2 does an extreme amount of due diligence and took the time to understand the needs of the bank. Due to years of networking, we viewed J2 as a partner long before any contracts were awarded. Because of this, ramp up time was extremely fast because J2 knew the business, organization, and culture before starting the project.”

Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Regional Bank

“J2 is a great business partner who makes every effort to understand our business. We view J2 as a strategic business partner who pops in from time to time to get to know the business more intimately and share what is going on in other industries. J2 has carte blanche to contact us due to the strategic partnership and willingness to put the needs of the customer first. Any time new work needs to be completed, J2 automatically wins the contract.”

VP IS & Chief Process Officer

National Energy Supplier

“The speed at which J2 was able to provide resources was remarkable. On the first day, we delivered the requirements to J2. On the second day, we were looking at resumes. On the fourth day, we were interviewing candidates. We hired the first two candidates they interviewed and ‘called it a day’.”

Director of Information Technology

Publishing Company

“We had a very positive experience working with J2 and the two companies continue to maintain a working relationship.”

Vice President, IT Infrastructure, Information Security Manager

Global Investment Management Company

“J2 has perfected the art of building long term relationships and has proven to be nimble, supportive, and flexible.”

VP and CIO

Regional Newspaper

“The depth of caring that J2 brings to the project is unmatched. Because of the personal relationship with a principal in the organization, there is a much higher level of client services than experienced with other companies. The team that J2 was able to put together far exceeded the teams that other firms were putting together. We have found that J2’s nimble culture allows them to do things the right way.”

CIO & VP of Client Service

Wealth Management Company

“Finding a project manager who understands the role of being a project manager is extremely uncommon. Most project managers overstep their boundaries; however the project manager for J2 was clearly in charge and knew exactly what his job description was. The project manager in charge of the project was able to morph his personality when the situation required. He was able to play bad cop when needed and he was able to be delicate and sensitive when needed. J2 was extremely adept at managing a wide variety of personalities on the project.”

Senior Interactive News Indexer

Business Intelligence and News Company

“If it wasn’t for company protocol, we would never have to interview a candidate based on J2’s recommendations, because we trust J2 implicitly. J2’s principals understand the customer’s need and if the person isn’t perfect for the job, they make it right.”

Manager Financial Information Systems, Corporate Finance,

Regional Hospital

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