“J2 Solutions isn’t  just a vendor, they are business partners. We hired J2 because of their strong relationships  and their deep understanding of the business.”

Vice President, Information Technology

National Travel Management Company

“J2 takes  ownership and invests the time needed to understand the needs of our bank. Because of this, ramp up time was extremely fast since J2 knew the business, organization, and culture before starting the project.”

Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Regional Bank

“J2 entrusts their employees with owning their responsibilities by allowing them to cultivate their own processes and build relationships to benefit them personally and professionally.”

J2 Employee

“J2 is an invaluable business partner who makes every effort to understand the business. Their willingness to consistently put the needs of our organization first is highly recognized throughout our organization.”

VP IS & Chief Process Officer

National Energy Supplier

“The speed at which J2 was able to provide resources was remarkable. On the first day, we delivered the requirements to J2. On the second day, we were looking at resumes. On the fourth day, we were interviewing candidates. We hired the first two candidates they interviewed and ‘called it a day’.”
Director of Information Technology

Publishing Company

They have great communication, have the best intentions when it comes to your career, and offer a good work life balance.”

J2 Employee

“We had a very positive experience working with J2 and the two companies continue to maintain a working relationship.”
Vice President, IT Infrastructure, Information Security Manager

Global Investment Management Company

“J2’s staff worked with me for months until they found a position where I felt I could best utilize my skills and experience, at a location that was within my commuting preference, and with a company that is growing, cultivating change and is respectful of their workers. I couldn’t be happier and more motivated!”

J2 Consultant

“J2 has been continuously in touch with me,  and they check in with me regularly just to see how I am doing . These simple words connect me to J2 Solutions.”

J2 Consultant

“The depth of caring that J2 brings to the project is unmatched. The team that they assembled far exceeded what other firms were putting together.” 

CIO & VP of Client Service

Wealth Management Company

“J2 has perfected the art of building long term relationships and has proven to be nimble, supportive, and flexible.”

VP and CIO

Regional Newspaper

“They support their employees, and I always know they have my back.”

J2 Consultant

J2 was extremely proficient at managing a wide variety of personalities on the project. The project manager in charge of the project was able to morph his personality when the situation required.”

Senior Interactive News Indexer

Business Intelligence and News Company

This company exemplifies what it truly means to go the extra mile. For example, throughout my interview process I was kept updated every step of the way. The recruiter I was working with went above and beyond to make sure I knew exactly where things stood and what would happen. The lines of communication were always open and so often, this is not the case. I really appreciated the level of service I received! Every person at J2 demonstrates these values, too. Fantastic company and culture with service and building meaningful relationships as core values – would highly recommend to anyone!

J2 Consultant

“My experience with J2 has been excellent, and I feel happy and lucky to be involved with the company. ”

J2 Consultant

“If it wasn’t for company protocol, we would never have to interview a candidate based on J2’s recommendations, because we trust J2 implicitly. J2’s principals understand the customer’s need and if the person isn’t perfect for the job, they make it right.”
Manager Financial Information Systems, Corporate Finance,

Regional Hospital

The company culture is great. There’s good communication between management and employees, flexibility and independence is given to do your job, all the tools needed to do your job are provided.

J2 Employee

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