In order to ensure success, every project adheres to the following five steps:

  1. Develop the requirements based on key business drivers and input from key personnel throughout the organization.
  2. Design the project to ensure it adheres to the goals of the business.
  3. Build the project with a combination of the in-house skillset and temporary contractors where needed.
  4. Stress test the project to ensure it can accommodate the most extreme use cases.
  5. Roll out the project to the entire organization.

However, J2 Solutions understands that no two projects are the same and no two company cultures are the same.

As your partner, you’ll realize a seamless integration as we constantly observe your culture, accept subtle feedback, and constantly adapt to ensure we don’t interrupt the flow of your organization’s day to day operations.

We developed Flexology® as a way to modify the standard project implementation process to what works for your culture and your methods.

With Flexology®, we have the ability to customize the process and ensure the success of your project. Some projects require us to spend more time developing the requirements while other projects require us to dig deep into our network to hire temporary contractors that can close the gap in your team’s skill set.

Our Flexology® approach will allow you to implement projects that will enable you to capitalize on future opportunities and propel your business forward while remaining within time and budget restrictions.

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