Process Improvement

Process Improvement And IT Business Analysis Initiatives

As organizations seek a competitive advantage, it becomes necessary to frequently evaluate and revise business processes to ensure alignment with strategic goals. At J2 Solutions, our IT business analysis and process improvement initiatives analyze and optimize Business Architecture, Process Modeling, Process Automation, Change Management, and Business and IT Alignment.

J2 Solutions Process Improvement capabilities provide our clients the essential components to gain stakeholder buy-in and successfully implement positive change throughout the organization.

Process Improvement

Business Architecture

Business Architecture is a systematic approach to identify, design and document business processes. A thorough Business Architecture aligns an organization’s short term and long-term benefits to achieve consistent results.

Process Modeling

Process Modeling is the analytical representation or illustration of an organizations business processes. Having an enterprise process model identifies the current baseline to surface underlying inefficiencies and recommend an action plan based on various scenarios.

Process Automation

Process Automation is the strategy a business uses to not only automate business process, but to simplify business workflow in order to contain costs. Business process automation increases quality and consistency, reduces cost and errors and improves operational efficiencies and reliability.

Change Management

Change Management is a disciplined approach to transforming individuals, tools and processes in a constantly evolving business environment. Managing change means getting the origination to accept the change, understand the elements of change and properly execute change.

Business and IT Alignment

Business and IT Alignment is the correspondence between the business objectives and the technology requirements of the organization. Accelerate your business performance by sharing an understanding of how technologies and services will contribute to business objectives, today and in the future.

Process improvement initiatives increase profits and performance, while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

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