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J2 Solutions is a technology consulting firm with a proven track record in managing projects, developing custom applications, transforming data into insights, and offering unparalleled technology staff optimization services.

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Portfolio Delivery

Establishing a strong Portfolio Delivery model ensures that all programs and projects across the organization are standardized and adhere to best practices.
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Application Development

Established application development projects utilize flexible methodologies and best practices with an equal emphasis on all stages of the Development Life Cycle.
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Data Solutions

Our three tier data solutions engagement model transforms data into information; information into knowledge and knowledge into business value for your organization.

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Staff Optimization

Having the right people, with the right talent, doing the right work is the advantage every successful organization needs in today’s competitive landscape.

Relationships are our foundation.

J2 has always focused on building and strengthening relationships. We formalized that focus by implementing the Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) to measure both client  and consultant satisfaction and take feedback to help us improve how we serve our partners and our team.

How Our Process Works
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Flexology®  provides the ability to customize the implementation process to ensure project success within any culture and environment.
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A thorough evaluation and staffing process builds winning teams and attracts top performers who produce significant results.

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Company Overview

J2 gives you the ability to move your enterprise forward by providing you with services and resources to enable technology initiatives that facilitate organizational growth.

Our team

J2 staff are well grounded in day-to-day business operations and have real-world understanding of the issues facing organizations in your industry and be ready to hit the ground running on day one.


It’s All About Me!

It’s all about me—isn’t that the common theme lately? When did we become so self-centered and entitled? I’ll pause here to warn you that I am about to get on my soap box (again)! 😊

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Data Trends for 2022: How Many Have You Adopted?

Data drives business decisions. We know this. But a business’s ability to evolve with emerging data trends and practices can mean the difference between stagnation and innovation. Today, the way we live, work, and connect looks vastly different than it did a few short years ago. Since the onset of the pandemic, it’s become increasingly more important for organizations to embrace a data-first mindset leveraging the latest digital advancements.

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