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We’re A Bit Different From Other IT Recruiters

What good is a job if you don’t love what you do? At J2, our success comes from putting the right people into the right roles and ensuring the happiness of our clients and consultants.

So, what do we do differently than other recruiters?

Focus on fit and job satisfaction.

Our approach is rooted in a strong focus on serving consultants. We listen to your needs and ensure they are met. We understand how frustrating it is to speak with a recruiter who doesn’t speak the same professional language or understand the nuance between two jobs that may sound similar to an outsider.

Dedicated Consultant Liaison.

You’ll never be left in the dark. At J2, we have Consultant Liaisons who are dedicated to providing the support you need at every stage of the hiring process. From initial hiring, to onboarding, and throughout your contract engagement, we’ll be here to support you.

Radical transparency.

Have a question about an employer, a job opportunity, or your current assignment? Just ask. You can ask and count on receiving an honest, direct response. We pride ourselves on candor and providing our consultants with the feedback they need to succeed.

Continuous improvement.

We measure our success based on your satisfaction with our services. Our NPS scoring system provides transparency and drives continuous improvement for our team.

Why do IT consultants LOVE working with J2?

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