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PULSE December 2023

Happy Holidays! As we look back on the last quarter (and even the past year) in anticipation of what’s to come in 2024, one common theme continues to rise to the top: all things AI. Since ChatGPT entered the scene late last year, AI has been catapulted to the forefront of discussions around innovation, employment, and the future of work.

This momentum has ignited vigorous debates, visionary projects, and a wave of advancements that redefine the intersection of technology and human collaboration. It’s also sparked a degree of fear over what this means to us as individuals. In October, Sanjay addressed a burning question on the minds of millions of people today: will AI take my job? In his article, No, AI Probably Won’t Steal Your Job—And Here’s Why, he demystifies the popular misconception and highlights the synergy between AI’s analytical prowess and human ingenuity.

In November, he took the idea a step further as he articulated the profound role AI is playing in reshaping business strategies. In Unleashing the Power of AI and Data Analytics to Boost Business Growth, Sanjay describes five ways businesses are transforming by integrating AI into their data analytics practices.

This quarter, in Vijay’s Friday Food for Thought series, he served up a range of profound insights, including the role of emotions in decision-making, harnessing our inner resources to navigate through life’s challenges, adopting a growth mindset, and much more. He also challenged us to let go of those things that don’t serve us, ask the “dumb” questions, and embrace our authentic selves.

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