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PULSE October 2018

Welcome to the PULSE!

As Q3 ends, and summer with it, we bring you a recap of the Thought Leadership and Friday Food for Thought posts from these past three months. The ones that kept you evolving while school was out and your vacation began but if you still found yourself checking your work email…poolside.

We kicked off our Thought Leadership blog with Sanjay breaking down the differences between PM’s and BA’s and the importance of each role. He shared how crucial it was that projects have both roles assigned regardless of the team size and resources – for the sake of both the project and the business.

Next Vijay enforced that collaboration was the basis of being a great leader in the digital age in The Evolution of Leadership. He stressed that great leaders are listening to the internal and external needs of their employees and creating collaborative cultures in the workplace. With technology rapidly changing the way we communicate and interact, leadership based on creating meaningful relationships will lead your business into a better future.

This quarter’s Friday Food for Thought posts focused on the inner work of becoming a great leader. Vijay showed us the importance of knowing who your tribe is and shared his feelings on the loss of a dear friend. He also reflected on simplicity being his Superhero Power, how to combat decision fatigue, and what it means to have Patience.

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Happy Fall, everyone!


The J2 Team