Something Worth Enjoying Now

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As many of you know I collect bad habits; cigars, wine and whisk(e)y are certainly some of my favorite vices. While my collections pale in comparison to many of my friends, they are still extensive nonetheless. Recently I had dinner with some friends and they opened very good wine with dinner. It was an amazing […]

Energy Out = Energy In

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A few years back I was in Vegas—and as they say, when in Rome… So I was gambling—craps, to be precise. The first table I played was not working out—for anyone there. Everybody was losing. The more we lost, the more miserable we became. The more miserable we became, the more we lost. It was […]

Work-Life Harmony

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Today we live in a connected world. On the surface, it seems like a good thing, and in many ways, it is. But the ease of connectivity has also made it harder to delineate between work and personal time. The fact is, expectations are now higher. We are expected to respond quickly to emails, text […]

Want to Be More Productive at Work? Stop and Smell the Coffee!

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By Vijay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions  As we move through the winter months, many of us are still in the throes of working to maintain our New Year’s resolutions. This time of year represents a new beginning for most of us—a fresh start. It’s a time to ask the question: what can I do […]

“Can I?” Or “I Can.”

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Two simple words, when reversed, mean totally different things with totally different outcomes: “Can I?” versus “I can.” The first is asking permission—from oneself or from others. It comes from a place of doubt and self-limiting beliefs. It means we seek, or even need, validation to even begin. It means we’re afraid: Afraid to take […]


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Happy New Year. As January accompanies us into a new year, with it brings a new sense of focus, new resolutions and new goals. A couple of years back, I encouraged the J2 team to create vision boards to facilitate a more inspired goal setting exercise, which I wrote about in last January’s goal-setting FFfT. […]