Everything We See is Perspective, Not Truth

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I recently saw a video on Facebook where a family was treated horribly by a waitress at a restaurant when ordering a meal. The waitress serving them was one of the rudest individuals I had ever witnessed. She spoke down to this family, berated the children and refused to take certain orders. Honestly, it was […]

Step Outside the Box

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A few years ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who told me her daughter wanted to invent flying cars. While the idea of flying cars has been around for longer than I can remember, it was this little girl’s reasoning for it that captured my attention: she didn’t want animals to be killed […]

Great Life Lessons From a Bad Round of Golf

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and I was looking forward to meeting a friend for a round of golf—my first of the season. While it had been nearly six months since I’d swung a club, I was looking forward to a pleasant return to the links. That’s not what I got—not exactly. Picture this: […]

Want to Be More Productive at Work? Stop and Smell the Coffee!

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By Vijay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions  As we move through the winter months, many of us are still in the throes of working to maintain our New Year’s resolutions. This time of year represents a new beginning for most of us—a fresh start. It’s a time to ask the question: what can I do […]


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The other day I was late getting into the office. I was behind a car that took a little longer than it should have after having been stopped at a red light. So I leaned on the horn. It was just then when I realized that the gentleman in the car in front of me […]

Three Truths

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“The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don’t have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it.” —Chris Pine Every conversation has three truths: Your version, the other person’s version, and the actual version. How you ask? Perspective. It is rare that two individuals have […]