Money, money, money…

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I recently saw a news segment about a town in Sweden that is almost cashless. As a matter of fact, Sweden is on the forefront to become the world’s first cashless society by the year 2023.  While this might seem like an aggressive plan, it almost seems logical. How often do you pay with cash? […]

Is Technology Making Me Dumber or Better?

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Is technology making us dumber or better? The answer is YES!! ? While you can’t deny the pros of using technology, I still believe that technology is making us dumber. Having access to all this technology right at our fingertips requires us to think less. One negative side effect of relying on technology is that […]

Tech Rage

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Technology has had some incredible advances in the last century… decade… year…month…and even day. It makes us more efficient and more connected.  We can do things with cell phones today that we could not do a few years ago, or even a few weeks ago.  Every time a new cell phone is released we can do […]

Value of Expertise

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Last week’s FFfT discussed the Rewards of Expertise. I thought I would continue the theme. I recently read a story about Picasso. It may be an urban legend, but does drive the point. One spring day, Pablo Picasso was sitting in a park, sketching, when he was approached by a fan of his work who […]