The Perception of Value

Perception of Value

The perception of value is a peculiar thing, and what we value the most can be anything from material items to experiences.

Our Most Precious Commodity

Our Most Precious Commodity

You can’t buy more time no matter how much money you have. Whether you are Warren Buffet or the janitor at his company, you both have the same amount of time in a day—24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86,400 seconds. How you choose to spend it is up to you. I believe companies like Uber are […]

Value of Expertise

It Staffing Companies

Last week’s FFfT discussed the Rewards of Expertise. I thought I would continue the theme. I recently read a story about Picasso. It may be an urban legend, but does drive the point. One spring day, Pablo Picasso was sitting in a park, sketching, when he was approached by a fan of his work who […]