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Achieving Success

Business Analyst It

If I offered you $20 to cross an empty street, I bet you would take me up on it.  But if I offered you $20 to cross a busy intersection, you would probably think twice. But I would bet that you would run through that same busy intersection for free if a loved one was hurt and needed your help.

What does that show us? We will do whatever possible if we
are properly motivated and know why we are doing something; though the motivation doesn’t necessarily have to be financial. For instance, many of us go to the gym to get healthy, live longer and feel our best. Some of us like to drive fast because it gives us a rush. Or some of us decide to start a business because we want to provide for our family and enjoy the freedom that comes with being our own boss.

Whatever the motivation, the end result is clear, the struggle is worth the reward.

To ensure your success, knowing why you’ve chosen to do what you are doing is key. Knowing why you’re doing something becomes the fuel for your fire. Motivating factors are different for everyone, but if you understand yours, success becomes almost certain.

Another example may be if you’re looking to sell your house but need to get through a home renovation to maximize the profit from selling. You’ll have to endure the inconvenience of moving out, dealing with contractors, your house being temporarily difficult to navigate; all in all, a pain. But once that is done, the result or  the “why” was all worth it.

If the reward at the end is strong enough to outweigh the struggle in the middle, and we know what’s motivating us, we will achieve success in whatever we do.

What success do you plan on achieving this weekend?

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Have a great weekend