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PULSE April 2018

Welcome to the PULSE!

Over the past several months, we’ve been thinking about some of the intangibles that have contributed to our professional successes. Mindfulness, for example, is an often underused practice that we’ve adopted in both our personal and professional lives, while a continued commitment to learning, we’ve discovered, is one of the best ways one can stay relevant in his or her career—particularly for a project manager.

To that end, we kicked off our 2018 Thought Leadership blog with Want to Be More Productive at Work? Stop and Smell the Coffee. Here, Vijay discusses the importance of achieving that state of mindfulness, how it can make you better at your job, and tactics for how to get there.

In March, Sanjay shared Always the Student: How Sharpening Your Listening Skills Makes You a Better Project Manager, where he offers a unique approach to learning and discusses why it’s an important foundational element for a successful and thriving project manager.

Did you miss any of our weekly Friday Food for Thought blog posts? Over the last quarter, Vijay reflected on staying committed to your goals through self-accountability, getting over the fear of success by dreaming big, your greatest asset that is you, the sea of difference between good and great and so much more. To get Vijay’s weekly insights directly into your inbox, sign up here.

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We look forward to sharing our continued insights with you as we head into Q2 and beyond together. Happy Spring, everyone!

Sanjay & Vijay