Case Studies

Midsize Wealth Management Company

Businesspeople reviewing financial records on tablet.


A midsize wealth management company was looking to automate its highly manual buy/sell fixed income ticketing system to simplify its ability to buy fixed assets for its clients. The client was looking to streamline its processes and reduce data inconsistencies across various departments throughout the company. J2 Solutions needed to assess and unify the data discrepancies and develop tools to allow automation and reduce human error.

Key Challenges

  • The transaction was to be processed by various personnel.
  • CIO wanted to implement SharePoint but wasn’t getting organizational buy-in.
  • Data existed on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that became inconsistent over time.
  • Needed to get a consensus from all parties involved.


  • Delivered a SharePoint Fixed Price ticketing system that automated a manual, paper-intensive process.
  • SharePoint manages forms, workflow processes, and approvals.
  • Automating and centralizing the data allows for more consistency among departments with fewer errors and faster results.

From The Customer

“The depth of caring that J2 brings to a project is unmatched. The team they assembled far exceeded what other firms were putting together.”