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PULSE December 2017

Welcome to the PULSE! This quarter, we offer solutions to common challenges faced by IT departments in our two-part series, IT Department Bottlenecks: How to Get Rid of Them Once and for All.

Part One, Overcoming Barriers to IT Success, outlines four proven best practices for getting around some of the most frustrating IT roadblocks known to cause process breakdowns and IT inefficiencies.

Part Two centers solely on the key foundational element that sets the stage for IT success: culture. In Why Culture Matters, we lay out a blueprint for creating a healthy, thriving company culture that supports a well oiled IT department.

If you missed any of our weekly Friday Food for Thought posts, you can read them here. This quarter, Vijay reflects on the undeniable power of laughter, the simple beauty of chasing your childhood dreams, the importance of self care and so much more. To get Vijay’s weekly insights directly into your inbox, sign up here.

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Have a safe and joyful holiday season. See you in 2018!

Sanjay & Vijay