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Pay it Forward

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A couple days ago, I had to upgrade my phone; it had slowed to a crawl—which, in the technology-driven world of today, is just short of unbearable. Surprisingly, I found the upgrade process not as seamless as it could have been—namely the lack of efficiency in the transfer of settings and data; many of my personal settings and passwords did not come through.

I first realized this the next day when ordering coffee at Starbucks; it seems that the password to my Starbucks app was among the many that didn’t transfer over. And naturally, I couldn’t remember it.

The Barista saw that I was having issues, and before I could offer him another form of payment, he’d already comped the coffee. His words were simple and heartfelt: “Happy Holidays. Pay it forward.”

As we say goodbye to 2017 and in appreciation of all of you who make J2 a success, I offer the same heartfelt words to you: “Happy Holidays. Pay it forward.”

Have a great weekend and a safe and healthy New Year!