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Go the Extra Mile

It Staffing Agencies

It’s hard to watch the news or get on social media over the last couple of weeks without seeing the headlines about a passenger being dragged off a United Airlines flight. United Airlines can’t seem to catch a break. A passenger being stung by a scorpion and staff escorting two passengers off the plane are just a couple of their other recent stories.

Contrast that with how Etihad Airways conducted itself two weeks ago when an elderly couple already onboard the plane saw a message from their family that their grandson was very ill and in intensive care. The pilots turned the plane around, allowed the couple off, and arranged for their luggage and car so the couple could be on their way as soon as possible.

Etihad Airways is receiving huge accolades for their customer service. Meanwhile United Airlines is getting beat down by the press.

United Airlines’ short sightedness has cost them over $700MM in market capitalization.1 That may seem like a small number for a company that has a market cap of approximately $21 billion, but would you want to be known as a company that treats its customers poorly?

Many companies (including ours) strive for great customer service. In our case, it is one of our tenants. I have heard many friends, colleagues, and partners say that they will never fly United again. Just by saying this, it causes others to give pause as to whether they should fly United. This is not meant to be a criticism of the airline industry, but a demonstration in customer service. It was very short sighted of security to treat paying customers in such a manner

What are you doing to provide your customers with exceptional service? Do you – like Zappos, The Ritz Hotels, and J2 – provide above and beyond customer service or are you more like United Airlines?

“Customer service is the new marketing.” —Derek Sivers

Have a great weekend.


1Wile, Rob. Here’s How Much United Airlines Stock Tanked This Week. (accessed April 21, 2017).

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