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Intensity vs. Consistency

Intensity vs. Consistency

I recently heard Simon Sinek talk about intensity vs. consistency. He talks about how it is better to be consistent than intense. I believe that works in most situations.

It is better that you eat several small meals over a single large one. It is better that you exercise for one hour a day for six days than one day for six hours.

Being consistent as opposed to being intense also helps maximize the law of diminishing returns. Diminishing returns is “a point at which the level of profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of money or energy invested.”

Shopping is only fun for a while. Eating good food is only fun for a while. The benefits of an exercise session are only good for a while. The benefits of all these diminish over time.

Being intense all the time on any activity creates diminishing returns. We need to find that point where the benefit is maximized. Being consistent creates habits and in terms of process improvement, consistency can lend a hand in accelerated business performance.

“Long term consistency beats short term intensity.” —Bruce Lee

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