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PULSE June 2017

Welcome to the PULSE! This quarter J2 has launched our new Career Portal where job seekers can apply online, and we now have TWO blogs: our J2 Thought Leadership blog and Friday Food for Thought. Check out our new site – we’d love to hear what you think!

Have a great summer,
Sanjay & Vijay

Put that pile of business cards aside! Be sure to read Eight Tips for Successful Event Networking by Vijay Khatnani before attending your next networking event.

In Networking in the Age of the Emoji, Sanjay discusses how using texts and emails instead of face to face interaction can lead to missing out on the opportunity to build important and meaningful business relationships.

Want to be a true business competitor? The Business Journals writer, Stan Silverman, interviews Vijay in You Can’t Compete if You Don’t Know Your True Core Businesses.

Body language is a huge part of communication and networking. Learn how to Listen with Your Eyes in Vijay’s Friday Food for Thought blog series. Sign up here to receive a bit of weekly inspiration straight to your inbox!

Find Your Next Career Opportunity on our new Career Portal where you can apply for job openings right from our site. Know someone interested in joining our growing team of IT consultants? Forward this newsletter!

We welcome your feedback and ideas for future issues of the PULSE at Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.