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PULSE June 2018

Welcome to the PULSE! 

As Q2 ends, we bring you a bit of summer reading in the form of this quarter’s communications recap. Whether you’re beach-bound, sitting by the pool or just relaxing in the AC, our Thought Leadership posts and Vijay’s dynamic Friday Food for Thought posts will give you plenty to think about as you enjoy these coming summer days.

Our Thought Leadership blog kicked off the quarter with The EQ Factor: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters for Project Managers. Here, Vijay gave us five reasons why emotionally intelligent project managers are able to achieve greater levels of success than those who don’t possess this essential trait.

Next, we heard from J2 Solutions’ Vice President, Andy Thatcher, who delved deeper into the topic by highlighting one of the more critical pillars of emotional intelligence: empathy. In 5 Ways to Become an Empathetic Project Manager, Andy explained the connection between empathy and the ability to drive results, and shared a series of strategies for how to achieve an empathetic mindset.

In case you missed any of our weekly Friday Food for Thought blog posts, you can read them here. This quarter Vijay reflected on the key to happiness, highlighted the important job of a milkshake, encouraged us to put forth positive energy and apply the law of attraction in our own lives. He also shared his thoughts on the importance of work-life harmony, explained how a human-centric lens can help us solve problems and more. To get Vijay’s weekly insights directly into your inbox, sign up here.

Last but not least, check out our Career Portal, where you can search and apply for J2 job openings. Feel free to forward this to anyone you may know who is interested in joining our award-winning team of IT consultants.

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Happy Summer, everyone!

The J2 Team