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The Obvious

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Memorial Day is the last Monday of the month; this year it falls on May 28, 2018. Memorial Day signifies the unofficial start of summer. Memorial Day is a day when we remember our soldiers. These are all obvious facts.

Some of the less obvious facts about this holiday? The observance began three years after the Civil War ended. Originally known as Decoration Day, it gave America the opportunity to honor those who had fallen by adding decorations of flowers on their graves. The late-May date is believed to have been chosen as it is the time of year when flowers are in bloom all over the country, and this day of remembrance became a Federal Holiday in 1971.

As many of you know, I attend a few conferences throughout the year—and to be honest, it’s rare that I hear a speaker who is completely original in their message (perhaps that is because everything original has already been discussed).

I recently found myself in this position once again, and as I got up to leave the room after the presentation, I initially thought this information seemed obvious to me.

Then I reflected on it, and I realized: although I already knew about this topic, I wasn’t actually incorporating or practicing it in my life. And rather than viewing it as a restating of the obvious, I decided to approach it as a reinforcement of an important message.

On this Memorial Day weekend, I encourage you not to brush past the obvious elements of your life, but rather remind yourself of the significance of each and every moment. Be present where you are, enjoy friends and family, give them your full attention and be safe.

I look forward to continuing to engage in meaningful (and sometimes obvious) conversations with all of you as we head into the summer.

“Sometimes the most difficult thing is to be able to see the most obvious thing!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

Have a great weekend.