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PULSE December 2018

Welcome to the Pulse!

As we get ready to ring in the new year, we can’t help but to think of all that we are grateful for in 2018. We’ve had a year of growth for our company, added key team members and evolved our leadership style to meet the changing landscape of our field.

To be more specific, here are our top five moments from 2018:

  • Sanjay spoke at the SIM Women Summit in Chicago & the SIM Philadelphia Seminar in December to leaders from across the nation.
  • Vijay attended the EO Seminar at Harvard Business School.
  • We added multiple key team members including Andy Thatcher as VP.
  • We expanded our services outside of PA to MA, TX and IL.
  • We attended the Goldman Sachs Small Business Summit Washington D.C., which Vijay wrote about in this #FFfT

We set our personal and company goals and started 2018 by focusing on sharing what you need to know about becoming the project manager your company needs today. With articles on building emotional intelligence and ways to become an empathetic project manager we shared a ton of insider information on the evolution of leadership. We even did a deep dive into the differences between PM’s and BA’s and why you should have both. 

Vijay’s Friday Food for Thought blogs this year also enforced our message of becoming empowered leaders. With topics ranging from being of service to mental health, this year was about finding work-life balance, knowing your greatest asset is you and having the patience to grow at your own pace. By sharing that his superhero power is simplicity, Vijay encouraged you to know your own unique leadership power and use to consciously travel towards success. 

As we entered the final quarter, we really tackled what is on the horizon for all companies:year-end reviews. We offered you the chance the stay ahead of evaluating your current projects, identifying any weak links and making any changes necessary to ensure the success of the new projects to come. If team members aren’t performing, and additional coaching isn’t on the table, Andy shared some hiring gems in “Hiring: A Two Way Street.” We hope that articles like these, help you attract and retain the type of talent you deserve.

One of our favorite things to do at J2, is share what we learn with you, our readers. We value relationships both internally and with our growing number of clients. We are so grateful for the existing customer relationships we’ve continued to develop and the relationships we’ve formed with new clients we started work with in 2018. Thank you to all of our partners (client’s, vendors, consultants, etc.) for an amazing year!

Last but not least, check out our Career Portal where you can search and apply for J2 job openings. And please forward this to someone you may know who is interested in joining our growing team of IT consultants.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! And don’t forget to set your resolutions and goals this year exponentially!


Sanjay & Vijay

J2 Solutions