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PULSE June 2022

Welcome to the PULSE!

At J2, we are committed to arming you with insights and guidance that help you thrive in a business environment that continues to throw us curve balls. Over the past few months, we focused on two hot topic issues: The Great Resignation and the power of data.

In April, Sanjay shared some unique strategies to combat the continued staffing shortages and hiring challenges. In Close Your Talent Gap with Alternative Workforce Development, he encouraged us to tap into a talent pool of culturally diverse candidates pursuing a less traditional career path—one that may not include a 4-year degree—and offering on-the-job training and professional development to create a powerful workforce.

Last month, he turned his attention to data as he shared five trends that businesses should adopt to stay competitive. Touching on AI, real-time data processing, composable data analytics, supply chain analytics, and predictive analytics to combat The Great Resignation, Sanjay offered powerful insights to inform your data journey into the foreseeable future.

Vijay’s Friday Food for Thought packed a particularly powerful punch this quarter as he infused us with inspiration, guidance, and positivity. He encouraged us to face the truth without fear, urged us to dig deep to find our hidden talents, and reminded us to focus on positivity in the face of adversity—Ted Lasso style! He also delved into the power of expectations (both forming them and setting them for others), suggested we take time out to feed our soul, shared his thoughts on the profound benefits of embracing change in our lives, and much more.

If you are interested in becoming a Friday Food for Thought guest contributor, or if you have any feedback or ideas for future issues of the PULSE, email us at Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

The J2 Team