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Sorry for the Things I Said When Mercury Was in Retrograde

Solar System

Disclaimer – I usually write these, but Abbey was convinced that for the last few weeks the Universe was conspiring against her instead of for her so I asked her to write one about this phenomenon.  Happy reading.


Solar SystemThis week marks the end of the most recent Mercury in retrograde phase. The popular belief is that when Mercury is in retrograde, life is chaotic. If you’ve been experiencing inconveniences such as car trouble, miscommunications with colleagues, friends or family, or perhaps you flew to Miami for your flight to St. Lucia without bringing your passport along ?, fear not. It’s the fault of Mercury in retrograde. I am certain I’ve experienced every warning light on my car dashboard within the past 30 days. This has been very…enlightening and expensive. I laughed, I cried, I likely took a few years off of my life and the lives of those who had to help me due to the stress of it all (Hi Dad). But at least now I know what a DMTL system does and how to check my oil level so that’s cool.

Even folks who don’t necessarily believe in the “woo-woo” theories of astrology seem to hop on board the Mercury in retrograde band wagon. In some ways, having an outside force to blame for whatever goes wrong in our lives during this time frame provides a sense of comfort and we hang on to the hope that our streak of bad luck will magically end as soon as Mercury realigns. The truth is that all these inconveniences are just as likely to happen any other time of the year as they are during Mercury Retrograde periods.

Perspective is a powerful thing. If you believe these pesky Mercury Retrograde periods  to be 20 or so days where your life is a nightmare and you must swim through a sea of tears just to make it out alive, it will be. If you anticipate something going wrong, I fully believe that you manifest that negative experience. What if we changed the way we looked at Mercury in retrograde, or any stroke of bad luck for that matter?

Every miscommunication, experience that takes a turn for the worse, and even technology fail, gives us an opportunity to learn and grow as we work through the hurdles and ultimately become better for it. Rather than anticipate bad things happening and then dwelling on how it has ruined the day, let’s anticipate how we’ll grow from each day’s challenges.

For now, I’ll cheers to the demise of summer’s Mercury retrograde, and practice altering my perception on life’s little hiccups in preparation for the last occurrence of Mercury retrograde for 2019 (it’s October 31st through November 20th, in case you were wondering)!

With positive perspective, every hardship seems minor. With negative perspective, even twitching seems major.” – Manpreet Kaur

Have a fabulous weekend, we made it!