Je vais de mieux en mieux

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Emile Coué was a French psychologist and pharmacist that developed a method of self-improvement called autosuggestion, a very simple process of repeating something to one self. Emile Coué used it to heal his patients by telling them “Tous les jours, à tous points de vue, je vais de mieux en mieux.” (“Every day, in every […]

Why? THAT is the question.

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One of the most annoying questions someone can ask is Why?  Sometimes you just want to respond with “Because I said so” or just “Because” or even “Don’t ask questions, just do it” to flip it back to the person originally asking. As annoying as Why can sometimes be, it is also one of the […]


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Think about the people you’re most drawn to. Is there a common thread? Are they mostly kind? Funny? Hardworking? Share the same hobbies? I took a mental inventory of the people I’m most impressed with and there’s no readily apparent trend. One friend is passionate about helping those in dire need. He directs a nursing […]

Core Values

Core Values

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” —Roy Disney Core values: Why do we need them? They are our guiding compass. They help us make decisions. Core values are intrinsic beliefs that affect how we interact with the world around us. This is true not only for companies, but […]


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As y’all know I meet with a group of business owners once a quarter. Our last meeting was in Birmingham earlier this week, where we had a family and relationship counselor speak to the group. Very interesting of our host to invite Michael to speak to a group of business folks, but if you peel […]