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Why? THAT is the question.

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One of the most annoying questions someone can ask is Why?  Sometimes you just want to respond with “Because I said so” or just “Because” or even “Don’t ask questions, just do it” to flip it back to the person originally asking. As annoying as Why can sometimes be, it is also one of the most powerful questions we can ask others or even ourselves. When you ask the question Why, you show you’re curious and open to learning, just as you did when you were little. We first learn to ask the question Why around the terrible two’s. That’s when we start to question everything because we are curious about everything. As we get older, the curiosity fades.

I am a part of a Mastermind group that meets monthly. One exercise we do is we give updates about what good or bad things have happened to us on a personal and professional level that month. The second part of that exercise is to answer: “Why is it significant?” The trick to that exercise is asking that question 3 times. The more you ask Why the truer the answer becomes. Why? Because we are forced to think on a deeper level.

Asking Why can get you to the heart of the matter. It can lead to discovery and assuage curiosity. It’s one of the great questions if you take the time to think about the answer and understand the truth behind it.

One of our Core Values at J2 is Growth. To us that means to “become better and leave people better than yesterday”. By asking Why, you grow personally and are better for it.  By answering the question Why, you create an opportunity to teach and leave others better than before.

“All knowledge meets an end at the question ‘…Why?” ― Criss Jami


This weekend ask lots of Why’s…annoy people with it and be curious.