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Patience leads to success

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Who ever said that “Patience is a virtue” would not have survived in the  fast paced world of today.  Today’s world moves lightning fast and we are constantly bombarded with information that we need to respond to, react to, and post on Social Media.

I am by nature not a patient person and most folks I know are also not patient people.  We live in a world of instant gratification and patience seems very counter intuitive.

Years ago, I worked in customer service for a company that sold collectable memorabilia. I took a call from a customer and I barely got a “good even…” out when he started yelling and screaming and using some colorful language. I patiently listened and when he stopped, I asked what the issue was. Through his whole tirade he had not actually told me what the reason for his call was, just what a crappy company we were. I waited for him to explain. Turns out he received the item he ordered damaged and wanted a replacement. Once he finished, I apologized for the damaged item and told him we would ship another out first thing in the morning. He thanked me for my professionalism and could not believe it was that easy! He even asked to speak to my supervisor to tell him what a great job I did.

Given his initial attitude and abuse I could have hung up, as that was the company policy. We were not required to put up with poor or abusive language. Once I understood the situation and gave him a solution, he calmed down. If he had still continued to be abusive in his response to me, I would have hung up. By using patience, I was able to get through his rantings and resolve his issue.

Being patient is not easy, it has taken me time and practice to learn and yet I still falter. Waiting out certain situations has given me the chance to think of alternatives and make better choices. Patience has thought me to stay the course. If I did not have patience and perseverance, I may have quit too early. I have learned to be patient and have seen the positive results.

“One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.” – Chinese proverb

Have a great weekend.