The Answer is Simple

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Ever call tech support for an issue and have the representative start asking you dumb question like:  “is it turned on?”Or, “is it plugged in?”. There is a reason for these questions. They are trying to eliminate the simple issues.  To many of us it may seem like tech support may not know what they are […]

Patience leads to success

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Who ever said that “Patience is a virtue” would not have survived in the  fast paced world of today.  Today’s world moves lightning fast and we are constantly bombarded with information that we need to respond to, react to, and post on Social Media. I am by nature not a patient person and most folks […]

Good or Great?

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During a recent conference in Washington, D.C., I saw signs all over the DC Metro touting their Back2Good campaign. It seems their new promise to riders is to become more reliable and more accountable to build customer confidence. While this promise does have merit, why are they only striving to get back to good? How bad […]

How Artificial Intelligence Sells More Pizza and Why It Matters to You

Machine learning to improve artificial intelligence ability for predictions

By Sanjay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions featuring guest contributors Brianna Bird and Angelo Brutico Business Process Management is one of today’s most discussed business topics—and a key ingredient to a company’s overall success. Today, I’d like to discuss how to get even more from your BPM tools through Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how it […]