Is it better to be Good or Lucky?

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It’s basketball playoff season. The Sixers went far given their performance the last few years. In the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against Toronto they struggled, and ultimately lost in game seven, the last game of the series. It was a buzzer beater, as Kawhi Leonard took the final shot with about half a second left in […]

Value of Expertise

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Last week’s FFfT discussed the Rewards of Expertise. I thought I would continue the theme. I recently read a story about Picasso. It may be an urban legend, but does drive the point. One spring day, Pablo Picasso was sitting in a park, sketching, when he was approached by a fan of his work who […]

Rewards of Expertise

Rewards of Expertise

I recently heard about a documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It’s about an 85-year-old sushi guru, Jiro Ono, who has spent his entire life working to become the best sushi master he possibly can. Jiro has been tweaking and refining his craft to make the best sushi possible for over 75 years. Becoming an expert […]