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Is it better to be Good or Lucky?

Pmo Project Management

It’s basketball playoff season. The Sixers went far given their performance the last few years. In the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals against Toronto they struggled, and ultimately lost in game seven, the last game of the series. It was a buzzer beater, as Kawhi Leonard took the final shot with about half a second left in the game. It bounced off the rim 4 times before finally going in. He got lucky; just like when players make half court shots.

I am not being a sore loser- the Sixers had a good run for being such a young team. But last Sunday’s game proves that luck happens everywhere. Sometimes luck comes in the form of the tennis ball dropping on the other side of the net after hitting the tape or catching the river card in poker when the odds are against you. The examples are endless!

It raises the question of “is it better to be lucky or good”? I like to think that I make my own luck. Being good at something means practicing your art and becoming an expert at it. I believe the better you are at something the luckier you can get, because you keep doing it over and over and thus creating more opportunities. The more opportunities I create the more successful I become- sometimes I get lucky along the way and that’s okay.

So, which is better? I think they go hand in hand. People that we believe get lucky have worked hard, maintained a positive attitude and prepared to put themselves in those situations to succeed. Essentially, they trusted the process.


“You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” – Dirty Harry


Prepare to have a lucky weekend.