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What Do You Control?

Business Analyst It

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I recently heard of a guy who every morning before he gets out of bed says some variation of “another f’ing day”. I would bet that he rarely has a good day if it starts out bad even before he gets out of bed.

It’s easy to get caught up in that mindset, especially if you start out with a negative attitude. Things happen every day that are outside of our control, both at work and in our personal lives. It’s frustrating and sometimes a little scary when you can’t control the outcome of a situation.

On the flip side I recently met a woman who has a disease so rare that only 1000 people in world have it.  Once she was diagnosed, she was given a year to live. Twenty years have passed since her diagnosis and her Doctors are still baffled by it! Her secret is her positive attitude. She controls her thoughts and actions so they are all positive. When speaking to her, she said something very simple and yet profound: “Every day I wake up with a blank slate, I choose how my day is going to go.” Clearly, not an easy task, but also doable.

So what, if anything, are we in complete in control of?

To me the answer to that is yourself.  You control you, your thoughts and  your choices (good or bad).  By owning your frustrations and acknowledging your feelings in situations where the outcomes are outside of your control, you give yourself to power to change your mindset. Next time things don’t go the way you planned, take a deep breath, acknowledge how the situation makes you feel, and then refocus on the bigger picture to find clarity and reclaim control. Some days, the easiest way to begin to shift your mindset is to smile when the alarm goes off. The new day is a blank slate, and better yet, it’s Friday ?

“You have two choices: control your mind or let your mind control you”– Paulo Coelho


Have a great weekend