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I spent the last few days in New Orleans with my forum / mastermind group, which I have written about before in several FFfT’s. During these meetings we spend time discussing our professional and personal lives. We laugh, we cry, we reflect, we nurture; at the end of the 3-4 day meeting we all come […]

Power of a Crowd

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When the gameshow Who Wants to be a Millionaire made its original television debut, each contestant was provided with 3 “life lines” when they weren’t sure of the correct answer. One of those life line options was called “Ask the Audience”. The thought process behind this option is ultimately thinking that the collective has a […]

Why? THAT is the question.

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One of the most annoying questions someone can ask is Why?  Sometimes you just want to respond with “Because I said so” or just “Because” or even “Don’t ask questions, just do it” to flip it back to the person originally asking. As annoying as Why can sometimes be, it is also one of the […]