Relax and Recharge

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Christmas and New Year’s fell mid-week this year. For many of us that meant additional days off either by taking vacation or the company giving you a few extra days off.  The downside to this extra time off is that maybe you had to spend extra time finishing up holiday shopping (if you are like […]

PULSE December 2018

Welcome to the Pulse! As we get ready to ring in the new year, we can’t help but to think of all that we are grateful for in 2018. We’ve had a year of growth for our company, added key team members and evolved our leadership style to meet the changing landscape of our field. […]



As I think about the end of 2016, one of the things that comes to mind is all the people we lost this year, only because of all the recent tragedies. Be they celebrities, family members, or friends. In the last week alone we have lost several people, some very untimely. Among them is a […]

New Year Wishes

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As we wrap up 2015 and head into 2016 I hope you will not only reflect on the year behind but also think about your goals for 2016. New Year’s has always been represented by a baby: a new year equals a new birth or rebirth. So as we turn the corner into 2016 I […]

Who Is Packing Your Parachute?

Who Is Packing Your Parachute

I thought I would share this story since all of you pack one or more of Sanjay’s and my parachutes. Also thought it was a good way to close out J2’s 2015—with gratitude! Air Commodore Vishal was a jet pilot. In a combat mission his fighter plane was destroyed by a missile. He however ejected […]