The Perception of Value

Perception of Value

The perception of value is a peculiar thing, and what we value the most can be anything from material items to experiences.


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The other day I was late getting into the office. I was behind a car that took a little longer than it should have after having been stopped at a red light. So I leaned on the horn. It was just then when I realized that the gentleman in the car in front of me […]

IT Department Bottlenecks: How to Get Rid of Them Once and for All (Part 1: Overcoming Barriers to IT Success)

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By Sanjay Khatnani and Vijay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions A truly effective IT department can mean the difference between driving business-aligned IT decisions that keep your business ahead of the competition and a reactive IT function that’s focused on tactical operations and troubleshooting. J2 has managed numerous large-scale technology projects. With that, we’ve also […]

Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect

We can manifest our future with our thoughts. We’re all familiar with the placebo effect: the positive result that’s incorrectly attributed to a treatment or action. We hear about this most often as it relates to medical research, with some patients mistakenly thinking their symptom improvement is due to the “medication” they received in the […]


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Someone once said, “perception is reality”, a very true statement. I use this all the time. The way I see things is not how you may see them. Take the opening statement of this FFfT. I start out saying “Someone once said…” Given that I am in New York today at an event you may […]

Perception & Circumstances

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In recent meetings Jim has mentioned that we all need to “elevate our game” a few points, also your theme for this year. This has gotten me thinking as to why we struggle with this. I believe I give everything I do 100%, as I am sure do all of you. I know I am […]