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Placebo Effect

Placebo Effect

We can manifest our future with our thoughts.

We’re all familiar with the placebo effect: the positive result that’s incorrectly attributed to a treatment or action. We hear about this most often as it relates to medical research, with some patients mistakenly thinking their symptom improvement is due to the “medication” they received in the study, when in fact, they’ve only received a sugar pill. The brain is convincing the body to believe something will work and real results come from it, whether or not there is a logical physiological reason for it. It seems that if the mind believes, the body responds.

If our perceptions can affect reality, what else can we trick ourselves into doing or accomplishing?

At J2, we often hold lunch and learn sessions. During a recent session, the speaker talked about how we can alter our mood simply by how we stand and the inflection in our voice. Every morning when we wake up, he suggested we say, “Oh yeah! What a great day!” He went on to explain that while we may not notice a difference initially, after a few days of consistently repeating these affirmations, we’ll begin to see a change. Even standing in front of the mirror in a superman position (tall, feet shoulder width apart, hand on your hips), you can feel your demeanor change. Written or spoken affirmations utilize the same psychology behind the placebo effect. Similarly, consistent negative actions, and thought patterns become reality.

What are you tricking your brain into believing? Who are you training yourself to become?

“If a placebo has an effect, is it any less real than the real thing?” —Nathaniel LeTonnerre

Have a positive weekend.


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