The Art of Wabi-Sabi

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According to Japanese legend, a gentleman named Sen no Rikyu set out to learn a set of customs known as the “Way of Tea”. He went to tea-master Takeeno Joo, who tested Rikyu by requesting he tend to the garden. Rikyu cleaned up debris and raked the ground until it was immaculate, scrutinizing every inch […]

The Answer is Simple

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Ever call tech support for an issue and have the representative start asking you dumb question like:  “is it turned on?”Or, “is it plugged in?”. There is a reason for these questions. They are trying to eliminate the simple issues.  To many of us it may seem like tech support may not know what they are […]

My Superhero Power

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I just returned from my quarterly retreat with a group of Entrepreneurs from all over the East Coast. During these retreats we spend time discussing not only our businesses but our personal lives as well. Many of the discussions go late into the night and some of the best conversations happen as we wind down […]