The Well-Rounded Leader

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By Sanjay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions There is so much buzz in our industry about “soft” or interpersonal skills, and it’s for a good reason. These skills include communication, motivation and organization, among other highly valuable people skills. Soft skills are no longer optional for project managers. As team leaders, the success of the […]

Empowered Leaders Empower Others

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Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, changed the company’s dress code policy by paring a ten-page document down to two words: “Dress appropriately.” Seems easy enough but it wasn’t: The Human Resources department deemed it unclear. Really? Two words aren’t clear? One department head was up in arms because occasionally customers visit, and the new policy gave no […]

PULSE June 2018

Welcome to the PULSE!  As Q2 ends, we bring you a bit of summer reading in the form of this quarter’s communications recap. Whether you’re beach-bound, sitting by the pool or just relaxing in the AC, our Thought Leadership posts and Vijay’s dynamic Friday Food for Thought posts will give you plenty to think about as […]

Everything We See is Perspective, Not Truth

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I recently saw a video on Facebook where a family was treated horribly by a waitress at a restaurant when ordering a meal. The waitress serving them was one of the rudest individuals I had ever witnessed. She spoke down to this family, berated the children and refused to take certain orders. Honestly, it was […]

When is Enough, Enough?

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How much is enough? This is the question a few friends and I were kicking around a few weeks ago when we were enjoying a lighthearted conversation about what that meant. While we didn’t necessarily come up with the answer then and there, we did manage to pin down what not-enough looks like. We all agreed […]

5 Ways to Become an Empathetic Project Manager

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By Andy Thatcher, VP, J2 Solutions As we learned from Vijay last month, emotional intelligence is a must-have for a successful project manager. Today, I’m putting that topic under the microscope as I hone in on what I believe to be the cornerstone of emotional intelligence: empathy. Empathy is the ability to put oneself in […]