The Evolution of Leadership

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By Vijay Khatnani, Managing Partner, J2 Solutions There are countless articles on Leadership and how to be a better Leader in today’s rapidly evolving tech space. Is Leadership itself evolving at a similar pace? What has changed? In order to dive a little deeper into the subject, let’s take a look at how far we’ve […]

Know Your Tribe

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In a previous career I was in a meeting with a client and at some point, during the meeting I said “hell”. It was more of a reaction to a comment made, and I may have said “what the hell!” Back at the office my supervisor pulled me into his office and told me that […]


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As y’all know I meet with a group of business owners once a quarter. Our last meeting was in Birmingham earlier this week, where we had a family and relationship counselor speak to the group. Very interesting of our host to invite Michael to speak to a group of business folks, but if you peel […]

Judging Others

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Most of you know how big my network is. It has taken many years to cultivate and also a long time to gain their trust. When I first started building my network it was about me. What’s in it for me? What can you do for me? That led me down two paths: Judging folks; […]