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The Risk of Becoming Independent

Declaration of Independence and Flag

While July 4th is known for fireworks, barbeques, concerts and getting together with family to celebrate being independent, Independence in 1776 came with lots of risks. Our country’s Founding Fathers knew signing the Declaration of Independence and sending it off to the British Empire was dangerous, but the colonists wanted their freedom so badly that they were willing to risk the wrath of King George III and the British army.

Declaration of Independence and FlagWhen Sanjay and I started J2 Solutions the risk was huge: we had no clients, we had no home to mortgage, we bootstrapped the company. We took the risks we did because we wanted more Independence than we were getting at our respective jobs and wanted to control our own destiny. Ultimately, we wanted to make a difference and so for us, the risk was worth it.

This week while we celebrate Independence Day, J2 Solutions is celebrating its 17th year.  I can tell you that the risk has absolutely been worth the reward!

What are you willing to risk and for what reward?

Take the risk. Take the chance. Put your heart and soul into it, because when you put your soul into it, you will become what you’ve always dreamed. You yourself will become a legend. –  Jamie Brewer

Have a great Independence Day Weekend.