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Time Travel to Success

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Elections are over. Hooray! This is not a commentary on the political condition of our country or about my views on politics. This is about consciously traveling towards success.

I have a friend that ran for City Commissioner in Florida. She started her campaign over a year ago and declared then that she would win by a landslide, never wavering from that statement. This week she proved her declaration true: she received almost twice as many votes as the incumbent candidate that placed second. I would call that a landslide!

What if we could see the future and therefore manifest it according to our vision?

Ever smell or see something and get transported to a place in the past — be it the smell of apple pie, pipe smoke, a perfume or seeing a toy or an empty country road?  When a sensory memory comes up for us, then suddenly for a split second our brains transport us to that place or that moment.

What if we could use the same thought process to get transported to the future? There are many examples of people visualizing their future and making it happen. Jim Carey writing a check to his future self for $10MM and a golfer that visualizes the shot before they hit the ball are two great examples of visualizing for success.

My friend who is now the new City Commissioner in Florida saw pictured her future in the position she wanted to be in, she put herself in that situation and never wavered.  Visualization is powerful tool.

“Visualize what you want to do before you do it. Visualization is so powerful that when you know what you want, you will get it.” – Audrey Flack


I see us having a great weekend.