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Breathe and Carry On

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Sunday’s Eagles game against Chicago was a real nail biter: the Eagles came into the game as underdogs with lots of injuries and a backup quarterback. They kept us guessing on whether we would move on to the Divisional Playoffs and some may argue that they got lucky as the last field goal bounced off the uprights twice.

A few years ago, my goal was to play golf every week, if it was only 9 holes. By the end of the golf season that year I had played my best round ever, I broke 90!  For regular golfers that may not be a big deal, but for me it was. Yes, one of the reasons that my score was so low was due to playing regularly, but I would also argue that on that particular day I was very relaxed and having fun, both factors in my success. I have noticed that on other occasions when I play golf (or do any activity) the more relaxed I am the better I do.

Back to the Eagles…The one thing that I noticed was that the Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles, was very calm during the game. It seemed like very little phased him, and if it did, he shook it off with ease. Foles seemed to have fun playing the game and took everything in stride. Yes, having experience and practice helps, but slowing down, breathing and relaxing all help in adding so much more to the execution. One can always start with faking it until you feel comfortable.

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” –Mark Black


Have a relaxing weekend.