Case Studies

Local Newspaper 

People doing interview with TV camera in foreground.


A local newspaper was looking to reach consumers on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry. Once it became clear these platforms would become mainstream, it became critical for the business to have a mobile footprint.

Key Challenges

  • Quality mobile app developers with experience working with Apple were in extremely high demand.
  • Initially outsourced the work to a third-party software developer who couldn’t find the resources to deliver the project.


  • J2 delivered an experienced mobile app developer who worked with Apple to build the application and was able to deliver the app within an aggressive timeline.
  • Initially, the requirements called for the application to be built on the iPhone and iPad; however, J2 changed the requirements to include the Android and BlackBerry platforms.
  • Suggested the newspaper hire an in-house temp to maintain control of cost, requirements, and deadlines.