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Fear of Success? Dream Big!

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Are you afraid of success? Yes, I know it sounds crazy; how can one be fearful of success? But I’m asking in earnest—are you? I am astounded by how many people fear success—even more so than failure. The brain is wired to fight fear, but it’s not wired to deal with success.

Think about it: failure is easy—we’ve all experienced it. It is easy to suck people into our own personal failures, gain sympathy, then feel better. Failure is also easy because when you fail, you can just go back to what you know. But if you, succeed—well you are now different.

So why do we fear success? Success is change; it is different than our status quo. I am not talking about small successes or wins—I am talking about big successes, like getting more than what we want or believe we deserve—like winning the Super Bowl. Many of us are afraid to dream big because it’s a big change, and change is scary.

How do we get past this thinking at J2? Any time that fear arises, we acknowledge it, redirect our mindset, set an intention for success and move forward.

“Don’t let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen.” – Doe Zantamata

Enjoy your weekend.