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Leadership and Humility

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Eagles won the Super Bowl LII! Who would have thought? They were huge underdogs.

There are so many great stories that came out of this championship game worth talking about—from Nick Foles’ rocky start in 2013 to his leading role in the Eagles’ Super Bowl win and becoming MVP in 2018… to the risky plays the team called on the field… to the amazing focus they showed.

But what will get little attention are the team’s coaches. The Eagles coach, Doug Pederson, has done a tremendous job in taking a team that finished last place in the division in 2017 to a Super Bowl win the very next year. If you listen to the speeches from both players and coaches, you’ll notice a common theme: it was a team effort; no one was more important than the other. The fact is, no one person took credit for the win.

During his post-game interview, Foles commented that it was unfortunate that he got MVP—because in his mind, it was the team who led the Eagles to the win. Even Doug Pederson took no credit for the win, but rather credited his coaching staff and the players. All were incredibly humble.

The coach established that mentality and culture among the players and coaching staff; he made it clear that they were going to win as a team, not as individuals. Setting this kind of vision and culture is what leaders do, and it’s what we do at J2. Each individual who comprises the J2 team plays a critical role to our overall success and the value we are able to offer our customers. We all support each other—the way a true team should work.

“Be humble in your confidence yet courageous in your character.” Melanie Koulouris

Have a great weekend.